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Reliable gas flow measurement on flare stacks in petroleum refineries, chemical plants and natural gas processing with SICK ultrasonic gas flow meters.



Reliable gas flow measurement on flare stacks in petroleum refineries, chemical plants and natural gas processing with SICK ultrasonic gas flow meters.

Precise and robust gas flow meter for flare gas or flare stack applications: Our ultrasonic gas flow measuring instrument FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT is designed for flare gas measurement or flare metering. The high-resolution measurement and innovative sensor design is being developed for most efficient uses in petroleum refineries, natural gas processing or offshore and onshore oil and gas plants. Emission control or monitoring, detection of flare gas leaks, steam flow measurement, monitoring of gas losses, monitoring of steam injection in flare gas burning, as well as process optimization and condition monitoring are fields of use for this gas flow meter. The gas flow meter is measuring values such as gas velocity, gas volume and mass, mass flow rate, molecular weight, volumetric flow a. c., volumetric flow s. c. and sound velocity. The flare gas flow meter provides an intelligent device monitoring process and supports predictive maintenance - designed for current and future challenges.

At a glance
  • Reliable measurement even at high gas velocities and with changing gas compositions

  • Proprietary measuring range extension for high flow velocities thanks to ASC technology

  • Direct mass flow calculation without additional gas analyzers

  • Intuitive FLOWgateTM software for commissioning, operation and diagnostics

  • I-diagnosticsTM: self monitoring, self testing and predictive maintenance

  • Customized measurement performance thanks to individual evaluation of the application

Ready for the future: ultrasonic gas flow measurement for flare gas systems

The FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT is characterized by a unique flow-optimized sensor design that provides reliable gas flow measurement and monitoring at extremely high speeds and changing gas compositions. The rugged design guarantees uninterrupted availability of measurements even under adverse conditions. The FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT takes into account a wide range of applicable standards worldwide and is suitable for use in new and existing plants. The measurement and diagnostic data can be easily visualized with the FLOWgateTM software. Thanks to the intelligent i-diagnosticsTM function, the system is able to monitor itself and independently report the need for maintenance. For upstream requirements, e.g. in fracking applications, the FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT transmitter is the right choice as it is rugged and reliable without recalibration.

Powerful. Reliable. Robust.

FLOWSIC100 Flare-XT is available in three different types. The variants are available as a single or dual path measurement system. Regardless of the path configuration, the system is available in both the cross-duct version and the probe version with single nozzles. The probe version is suitable for compact, one-sided fitting with minimal installation effort. The dual path type achieves high measurement accuracy even under difficult flow conditions.

Thanks to the device changing unit, fast and simple sensor changes are possible during ongoing system operation. The powerful interface unit can be easily connected to a wide variety of control systems and networks thanks to its numerous interfaces.

The interface unit processes incoming signals and calculates parameters, such as the molecular weight, mass flow and gas volume, as well as standardized reference values.


Fields of applications

  • Flare gas measurement for the production and processing of natural gas and associated petroleum gases (APG) in oil production.

  • Flare gas measurement in chemical and petrochemical plants as well as refineries

  • Measurement of LNG boil-off gas down to –196 °C

  • Plants onshore and offshore

  • Flare gas containing H2S, CO2 and H2

Technical data overview

Measured valuesMass flow rate, volumetric flow s. c., volumetric flow a. c., molecular weight, gas volume and mass, gas velocity, sound velocity
Type of fieldbus integrationModbus TCP/IP
FunctionCustomer interface, service interface
Optical interface
RemarkIR, according to IEC 62056-21
FunctionService interface

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