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FLOWSIC30 Versatile gas flow meter for measuring tasks in gas production



Versatile gas flow meter for measuring tasks in gas production

Ultrasonic gas flow meter FLOWSIC30 is designed for use in natural gas production applications such as coal seam gas. The dual-path meter comes with a robust carbon steel meter body and full-titanium transducers. The ultrasonic measurement technology has no moving parts and is virtually maintenance free. The rugged design with integrated wires protects the meter from harsh ambient conditions while the large turn-down ratio typically covers all flow rates from a gas production well. FLOWSIC30 is equipped with integrated diagnostics that monitor the meter status and indicate the presence of liquids in the gas stream. With integrated pressure- and temperature measurement and volume conversion according AGA 8 it provides standard flow readings and reduces installation efforts. Power consumption of only 65 mW and the two-wire loop powered concept make integration easy while HART® and Modbus communication provide versatility in data transfer.

At a glance
  • High turndown ratio

  • Designed for wet gas applications

  • Intelligent meter diagnostics incl. wet-gas detection

  • Possibility for remote monitoring thanks to digital interfaces

  • Two-wire-transmitter with digital HART® interface

  • Full integration of pressure- and temperature measurement, volume conversion and energy flow rate calculation


Fields of applications

  • Wellhead metering in coal seam gas production

  • Natural gas measurement up- and downstream of separators

  • Replacement of orifice measurements

Technical data overview

Measured valuesGas volume s. c., gas volume a. c., volumetric flow s. c., volumetric flow a. c., gas pressure, gas temperature, sound velocity, methane content, energy flow rate
Measurement principleUltrasonic transit time difference measurement
Number of measuring paths2
Hazardous area



Gas temperature–10 °C ... +80 °C
Operating pressure0 bar (g) ... 19.6 bar (g)
Nominal pipe sizeDN100 / 4 inch, schedule STD
Enclosure ratingIP66 / IP67
Type of fieldbus integrationRTU RS-485
Diagnostics functions

Integrated device diagnosis

Wet gas detection

carton or wooden box