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YTA110 Temperature Transmitter

HART and Fieldbus protocol models have been discontinued.


The YTA110 is the high performance temperature transmitter that accepts thermocouple, RTD, ohm, or DC millivolt input and converts it to a 4 to 20mA DC signal for transmission. The YTA110 supports either BRAIN or HART communication protocol.


YTA110 features include:

·      Choice of BRAIN Protocol

·      SIL 2 Certified (BRAIN Protocols)

High performance

Microprocesser-based sensing technology ensures long-term accuracy and high reliability.

High reliability

Dual-compartment housing realizes high resistance capability to harsh environments, and YTA110 has SIL2 capability for safety requirement.

Variety of sensor inputs

The type of sensor input is user-selectable from thermocouples (T/C), RTDs, ohms, or DC milivolts.

Digital communication

BRAIN or HART® communication protocol is available. The insturment configuration can be changed by the user with using the BT200 or HART communicator.

Self-diagnostics function

Continuous self-diagnostics capability ensures longterm performance and lower cost of ownership.

LCD display with bargraph

The LCD display provides both a digital readout and percent bargraph simultaneously.